Energy Is A Commodity Moving to Technology

 Renewable Energy  Read this:  This Sierra Club / Green Alpha article may help us understand why there is such a battle around our move from fossil fuels to renewable energies.  It begins by stating “we now live in a global economy with two fundamentally different types of energy: commodity-based in the form of fossil fuels and uranium, and technology-based, represented primarily by solar and wind. That observation is interesting as far as it goes, but what does it mean?”  Over time commodity based energies become more expensive whereas technology based (renewable) energy becomes less expensive.  The article asks the question “how much of the energy we pour into the economy is productive and how much is wasted?”  The article says that we must not continue to weaken our economies, “There will, before long, be such an abundance of renewable energy available that we need to start asking how it can best be deployed to maximize economic gains. Measuring where energy goes, and what is done with it when it gets there, will become more important than where it comes from.”  It is a very different way to view something we have taken for granted and there is a lot to think about in this article – well worth a concerted read.



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