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You’ve Got Some “Splainin” To Do Bernie

Bernie Sanders - Explaining

Read this:  Sadly for Bernie Sanders to have a real chance at the presidency (for all of us to have a real chance of progressive policies), he is going to have to spend a lot of time educating the American voter.  As Ricky Ricardo often said to Lucy, “You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do”.  After a half century, or more, of propaganda, the word socialism, and any policy that happens to get labeled (accurately or not) as socialistic has an instant, usually insurmountable, negative stigma thrown in its’ path.  The thing is, Bernie seems to know and accept the challenge.  It really amounts to educating the American people.  The political dumbing down in the USA has been in progress for 50+ years now and we must find a way to change that.  The article linked below from The Nation Magazine, by John Nichols focuses on this challenge.

According to Nichols, “Democrats now favor socialism over capitalism by 12 percentage points” and that is a very positive place for Bernie to begin.  The nay sayers declare ” ‘Bernie Sanders can’t get elected because he’s a democratic socialist.’ So Bernie has to talk about it. But he doesn’t have to apologize for anything. He should say, ‘You’re wrong—I can get elected as a democratic socialist, and here’s why.’”  Yes, he will be incorrectly compared to every extreme type of socialism, but that is how the game is played, like it or not.  There is a long way to go and who knows how well the media will pay attention to Bernie and the socialistic policies we so need in America.  “In the meantime, he finds himself leading a discussion that American politics and the American media haven’t really entertained since the days of Norman Thomas, the Socialist Party candidate who appeared on the cover of Time magazine and was featured on a daily basis in The New York Times’s coverage of the 1932 presidential race.”

There is a lot more in the article to tickle you political ideas so read it.  We all need to pay attention and help our misguided fellow voters increase their capacity to become intelligent democratic citizens, even when it is difficult and painful.  I think we all “have some ‘splainin’ to do”.


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Facts To Fight Immigration Myths From Robert Reich



Watch this:  Getting any political message across to American voters is an extreme challenge at best.  There are many reasons for this and they are often very good ones.  The dominant one often seems to be the amount of time they are willing to pay attention to any different idea.  One of my favorite progressive political pundits, has found a way to deal with just that – short videos that attack popular myths.  In the video link below, Robert B. Reich (Former United States Secretary of Labor, American political economist, professor, author, and political commentator) worked with to produce this short video “featuring four plain facts that debunk dangerous lies about immigration”.  This is particularly relevant with all of the hot air emitting from the mouth of one Donald Trump.  Remember, there are millions who want to believe everything he says on this topic, resisting each of these myths.  Watch the video and try to arm yourself with facts for your next encounter with ignorance and prejudice.

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Students Protesting Against Support of Fossil Fuel Companies – THEY NEED SUPPORT

Fossil Free Divestment

Fossil Free Divestment

Read, watch and sign the petition:  “48 students launched a sit-in at Yale University to demand their administration divest from fossil fuels, and yesterday evening 19 were arrested for refusing to leave the building. Students asked their administration to pick a side: the people or the polluters. The fossil fuel industry that’s wrecking our climate — or the students, alumni, faith leaders, Nobel Prize laureates, and communities demanding that they get serious about this planetary emergency.”  The movement to push our universities to divest from supporting fossil fuels and continue to wreck planet earth is expanding.  “Over 205 institutions have joined the call, including universities from Stanford to Sydney, the Rockefellers’ family foundation, the Guardian Media Group, and more.”  Support this group of students from Yale by signing the petition.



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