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3 More Wins Bernie, I’m Starting To Hope

Bernie and the bird

My thoughts:  I have been a Bernie Sanders supporter from day one.  I have to admit I was not real optomistic and that says more about me than Bernie. After all, I have been listening to him for years and have always been impressed. Whether it was seeing him give the speech I would like to have given on the Senate floor, seeing him bluntly say it like it is on some TV news show or listening to him on Thom Hartman’s weekly “Lunch With Bernie”, he has continually represented, the left, the powerless, the voiceless and most of all – ME. I feel he represent the real heart of democracy. I think this is what many of us liberals, progressives or whatever we call ourselves think as we watch Bernie’s campaign slowly gain momentum.

We are all wondering “could it really happen?” Talking with friends, most tend to cling to the predictions of the media. He won’t have enough, even if he gets in he wouldn’t be able accomplish anything, blah, blah, blah. I start to lose my cool and these conversations frustrates the @#&# out of me. When someone has cancer do we just say give up and die? Most people want to analyze politics like it is a business, or a sport or some other thing easily reduced to statistics and analytics. After an election this often appears to be true and with the massive influence of various streams of propaganda, often pushed by our major networks, it is amazing it ever varies from any predictable, statistical outcome. But the funny thing is, it sometimes does and often the really important changes happen like this. A recent example was the change nationally regarding marriage equality. That was never supposed to happen, or at least not for a long time, but it did and it happened very rapidly.

The article below from The Nation Magazine, by John Nichols recaps some recent victories by the Sanders campaign as he narrows the gap with Hillary Clinton. It is largely told from the positive perspective of the Sanders campaign and why not? The rest of the media sure ain’t gonna give that view. Really big and important changes probably don’t follow normal patterns. They kind of gain a life of their own and then “We The People” wake up a little bit and say “Yeah”, “That’s Right”, “Go”. We start to pay attention. We stop, watch and listen. Kind of like the little bird that perched on Bernie’s podium up in Washington the other night. I guess it heard something interesting and took a little listen – short though it was.

I sure hope that symbolism is valid and not lost on us as a nation.

With 3 Wins, Bernie Sanders Claims the Momentum Is On His Side | The Nation


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“Homosexuality Is An Abomination”, Selective Use Of The Bible

The West Wing character Dr. Jenna Jacobs

Watch or read:  One of my favorite old shows, The West Wing, abounded with great writing, on very real issues, that we sometimes still face today.  The Daily KOS article below, by Jen Hayden, beautifully demonstrates an answer, more like a counter, to religious arguments focusing on the Bible and calling homosexuality an abomination.  By demonstrating the selective use of the Bible to support some historical issues / practices and not others, it becomes crystal clear that things are just not that simple.   After fictitious President Bartlett delivers his counter, everyone is left speechless and the room is silent. You can’t help but feel well done Mr. President.  Too bad it is not always this easy, but if we arm ourselves with a little more knowledge maybe we can help to silence more of these feeble arguments.

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