Corporate Personhood

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In my opinion, “Corporate Personhood” is the single most destructive concept infecting American Democracy.

Some interesting ideas related to corporations / corporate personhood:

  • One of the opponents during the American revolution was the first real multi-national corporation the “East Indies Trading Company”
  • Slavery is the legal fiction that a Person is Property.
    Corporate Personhood is the legal fiction that Property is a Person.
    I guess fiction is often non-fiction
  • For the 1st 100 years or so after American independence a corporation could only exist if it was able to prove some form of social value.  States often disbanned corporations that failed this test.
  • Most of the American history cronicles the continued effort by the wealthy to implement the fiction that corporations are people and should have the same constitutional rights (Corporate Personhood Timeline).
  • Today, in stealth, through organizations such as ALEC (ALEC Exposed), corporations work 24/7 writing laws and limiting regulations in order to maximizing corporate profits with little concern much less liability for consequences to humans, environment and biological systems.  This corporate model is spreading around the world like a silent plague.


I’ll be adding more to this soon.  In the meantime take a look at several of the links under “Controlling Corporations“.

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