Bernie vs Hillary, What’s Your Stand?

Bernie - Future To Believe In

Read this: During this primary season I have had many conversations with friends and acquaintances regarding the Hillary vs Bernie dilemma. In many cases that individual will explain why they are supporting Hillary, while at the same time admitting that they actually support almost every policy position of Sanders. There are many rationalizations for this, but often the main ones seem to be: electability, the ability to get things done and of course the desire to have a woman in the White House. These are valid concerns and I try not to attack these justifications, because I have been there. I understand. After all, as part of this web site name suggests, I too am guilty. But I think these are like one side of a coin and wonder what could the other side look like. For me the time has come, if not well past, to stop that “safe” way and stubbornly strive for what is needed, really reach for the stars, because while we are being careful, safe and patient, the players on the other side have been aggressively subverting and eliminating any semblance of progress toward equality and fairness “We The People” had accomplished. And of course we can’t forget that other question: What are we leaving for future generations?

Rather than giving more of my argument on the Bernie vs Hillary debate I will point to someone else’s comments. The link below is to an article found on, by Marie Myung-Ok Lee. The article deals primarily with the “woman in the White House” rationalization. I hope you read it completely and if you have often felt guilty, as I have, maybe some little voice in the back of your head will cause you to change course a bit and maybe see how that feels.

This feminist is sticking with Bernie Sanders: Why Hillary backers need to take another long, honest look –



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