Media, Truth and Manipulation: Targeting The Progressive Movement

Vox tax calculator

Read this: Blindly relying on our media (owned largely by a few giant corporations) for most of our information and correspondingly what and how we think and act is dumb, but then again we are only human. Even when not directly watching or listening to the main media we are subtly, if not overtly affected.  As the progressive movement has gained attention (because of the Sanders campaign) it increasingly finds itself in the focus of media manipulation, if not outright lies.

What actually happens is very slick but definitely has an agenda and often confuses our perceptions of who and what to believe. “Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) sent out a recent email blast that raises concerns. It seems the stealth attack on the real progressive movement is coming from all directions—even from parts of the media that are considered liberal.” The 1st article linked below in The Daily KOS, by Egberto Willies discusses “the media and the establishment’s stealth attack on the progressive movement”. Here he focuses on one recent example of seemingly good journalism, “the Vox tax calculator” that “gives Americans an objective view of their tax outcome based on which presidential candidate is elected. This isn’t only a hit job by one ‘liberal’ news organization—it’s a hit job by a ‘non-partisan’ think tank, as well.” It actually distorts the truth largely by the omission of pertinent criteria omitted from the calculation and manipulating any results. Attempting to correct this we come to the 2nd article below found in The Nation Magazine, by Mark Paul, David Rosnick and Emily Stephens where they identify the omissions of the original calculator, make corrections and provide an alternative calculator.  The basic plans show Clinton’s plan has no tax effect and the Sanders plan benefits the taxes of the middle income American while the Republican plans excessively benefit the wealthy.

Take a quick look at both articles and continue to beware of your media sources looking for reliable alternative sources.

Media & the Vox Calculator

Truth about Vox tax calculator



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