Political Fiction To Hope For

Robert Reich sees the future: America's two-party system is finished

Read this: I am constantly wondering how to find ways to get sensible progressive messages to the majority of Americans. Evidently others do as well. It seems former secretary of labor Robert Reich thinks the same way. Different from me however, he has and continues to find and utilize a variety of methods to do just that. Many of these are very well done like: a variety of 3 minute videos (that he illustrates himself), appearing on multiple talk shows (representing progressive views with some real clout), a weekly radio show (with some of his students) and of course he writes (frequently). The hurdle continues to be, how to get these in front of a lot more people.

The article below from Salon.com demonstrates a different kind of writing. Here he fictionally depicts a future, that “predicts a People’s Party rising … to challenge the political establishment”. The interesting thing is that this all takes place because of the stupidity and blind arrogance of the party leaders in both of our main parties in the 2016 election. After the election, “both Republican and Democratic political establishments breathed palpable sighs of relief, and congratulated themselves on remaining in control of the nation’s politics.” They quickly go ” back to doing what they had been doing before.” This time however, they end up becoming the catalyst for the rise of  the “People’s Party (winning) the U.S. presidency and a majority of both houses of Congress in 2020”. Change, bringing the majority of both parties together, actually happens.

Oh if only it could be! Read the entire short article and dream – no get active. Maybe a full length movie could tell this story as well.




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