We’re Flying Blind, Farming Water Mixed With Oil Waste Water

Oil in Irrigation water

Watch this:  Sometimes a short video can get a message across much faster than a more lengthy article.  Such is the case here where a crew from Spotlight CA investigates what happens when oil mixes with our water sources.  Now that oil drilling is taking place right in the middle of fields where farming is actively taking place and massive amounts of water are used to extract fossil fuels, some of that same water is ending up as the irrigation source for various crops.  What could go wrong?

Reporter Kiran Deol meets a “watchdog farmer, a maverick water scientist and a public health expert who are all taking action to ensure our safety.”  As they investigate the situation, a farmer named Frantz asks “An orange is 90 percent water when it gets to the consumer … where did that water come from? It’s the irrigation water. If the irrigation water is toxic even at very tiny amounts, is there a tiny amount of toxicity now in the fruit? Nobody has tested that yet.”  As the story says, we (and particularly the oil companies) could be doing a lot more to ensure the purity of the water, but they are simply not.  I guess they don’t have to so they probably won’t until that changes.

We, the consumers, need to wake up and be diligently, maybe radically, active.



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