Non-Basketball Thoughts With (Librarian) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Read this:  As an avid basketball player and fan, I just had to include this.  In the two articles below from The Nation Magazine, author Dave Zirin interviews Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on a whole range of subjects.  Kareem has always been one of my favorites and I am glad to see him in an article in The Nation Magazine.  He always seems to be overly serious, seeming to have trouble with the shallow focus of many, particularly in the world of professional sports.  Zirin says that “sitting down with a basketball legend with a genius-level IQ demands eclectic questions and invites delicious answers.”  Somehow they never get to basketball and that is appropriate today.  After the interview Zirin say he “somewhat understood what makes Kareem that ‘different kind of cat’.”  He goes on to suggest that a less athletically gifted Kareem would “have been perhaps a New York City librarian, content amidst the stacks of books and fulfilled by showing that one troubled kid how to find joy in the written word. Librarian Kareem would also have written crime thrillers with a social justice bent after work, just as a hobby.”

Well Kareem is writing and creating some notice in the process.  He even recently got under the skin of “The Donald”.  The first link describes the lead up to the interview with Kareem and the second link deals with some of his main points of emphasis.

1st article:

2nd article:



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