American Petroleum Institute Once Again Trying To Ignore Climate Change

Read this:  The link below, to an article from the Union of Concerned Scientists, examines perceived progress on climate change issues made by the American Petroleum Institute, and it is not good.  In the API’s latest annual report on energy in the U.S. they almost completely ignore climate change and any real discussion of alternative energy sources.  “Last year’s API report … was notable—for some, even praiseworthy—because of its inclusiveness, technology-wise.  API gave space to a host of organizations to talk about a range of low-carbon energy options, including solar, wind, and energy efficiency … and the word “solar” appeared 79 times.”  Since then something seemed to changed.  The “API just merged with America’s Natural Gas Alliance, but that move seems to actually have narrowed their vision, not broadened it.”  Last year it seemed the API was on the right track, regarding climate change, only needing to get more focused and aggressive, but, that would be too much to hope for.  Insterad, the “2016 State of American Energy report … focuses pretty much exclusively on oil and natural gas (and… voting for oil and gas). Any discussion of climate change is suspiciously absent, and carbon reductions show up in the report in only one sentence, one that gives credit for recent reductions to—you guessed it—natural gas.”  None of this was unexpected.  “Unfortunately, API’s history on climate change is mostly one of deception. API earned a starring role in our (Union of Concerned Scientists) recent Climate Deception Dossiers report because of its efforts over many years to help deceive the public about climate science and solutions.”

The battle over climate change has a long way to go.  As this article points out, even as we make progress (COM21) there will be corresponding setbacks like this API change of heart.  The battle goes on and we must not relent.



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