No Independent Media = No Democracy

Journalism - Death of

Read and watch:  We have all heard how important and independent media is to a functioning democracy and we silently nod our heads.  Sadly that where it ends for most of us.  We don’t demand an independent media, nor do we refrain from supporting what qualifies as news today: News / Entertainment.  The linked article below from The Nation Magazine, by Leslie Savan looks at part of the problem in this demise.  As her subtitle says: “Truth and Spotlight put media at the heart of American democracy and make you wonder about its decline.”

The article focuses on two examples that have recently been made into ” two new films—Truth, about the fumbled 60 Minutes II report that ended Dan Rather’s career at CBS, and, opening Friday, Spotlight, about The Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize–winning pursuit of the Catholic clergy child-abuse scandal”. These two examples give a positive portrayal of reporters and the often complexity of delivering some stories.  She “portray(s) reporters once more as vital to American democracy, more like Woodstein in 1976’s All the President’s Men.”  Often that difficulty can render a story and / or career doomed, regardless of the innate truth and validity of its’ content.  A family crisis or the inability to explain something as trivial as discrepancies in font size can derail the story and possibly condemn a career.

Read the entire story below and when you watch the two films continue to be concerned about the diminishing role of real journalism (not entertainment) we are subjected to.  Increasingly we must seek out alternative sources for any truth and support them in ways besides merely watching or reading.



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