Are Wine Lovers All Liberal?

Wine Politics

Read this: Some posts are really just for fun, because I want to. This is a good example.  The attached link from The Daily KOS, by Major Kong is a fun overview, filled with brief information, to somewhat help demystify the world of wines. What does it have to do with politics and my two primary issues (Corporate Personhood & Climate Change)?  Nothing really, except that I am often enjoying a glass of wine (red mostly) while looking for or writing my next post. So maybe wine has led me to my vast understanding of our complicated political system.  At any rate, the article does a great job of providing a pretty well rounded view of wines. It even provides a “Periodic Table of Wines”, which I am not sure is a thing. Here are some of the basic points to absorb and remember:

  • While wine is “just fermented grape juice, there are a lot of variables. The grapes themselves, the soil they were grown in, the weather and finally the winemaker’s technique. The same exact wine from the same winery may be noticeably different from one year to the next because of the weather.”
  • “The three big categories are red, white and rosé. In general, what differentiates them is how long they leave the skin of the grapes in the mix during fermentation.”
  • “Different countries name wines differently. Here in the US, we tend to name the wine after the varietal (type of grape) used to make it.”

There is a lot more in the article, so pore yourself a glass and read on. Have fun, the test will come later. Now it is time to go out and sign progressive petitions and send money to various causes, or maybe just have another glass. I am enjoying an Australian Shiraz at the moment.


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