We Actually Could Stabilize the Climate

Climate stabilization

Read this:  There are many experts who believe that we actually can stabilize our climate if we could just get world leaders (particularly the big polluters) to act.  The Nation Article, on the link below,  by Robert Pollin says “a simple and viable path to climate stabilization is right before us” and there are many experts around the world who agree.  The 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference opens in Paris on November 30, where this issue will be paramount.  Since the conference in 2009  global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) have “increased by about 10%”, moving from “29 to 32 billion metric tons”.  This is an amazing increase and yet world leaders have done very little to really make a difference.  Yet Pollin’s article continues to suggest there is a chance.  ” The global economy can bring global emissions down to the IPCC target of 20 billion tons within 20 years if most countries—­especially those with either large GDPs or populations—devote between 1.5 and 2 percent per year of GDP to investments in energy efficiency and clean, low-emission renewable-energy sources. The consumption of oil, coal, and natural gas will also need to fall by about 35 percent over this same period—i.e., at an average 2.2 percent rate of decline per year.”  These are not gigantic changes and would probably be readily accepted by people around the world if the urgency was effectively conveyed.  There will obviously be propaganda against change coming from those with the greatest economic interests in maintaining the status quo.  Read the full article below to get the complete picture and remain vigilant as you support leaders who have real priorities for climate change stabilization.




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