Monsanto / Labeling

GMO foods - dont have to tell you

Sign the petition:  Unless you are actively seeking information, you seldom hear about congressional bills that are often (maybe usually) not in your best interests.  As a consumer it seems obvious that we should have the right to know what is in our foods.  We could then make intelligent decisions whether or not we want to consume that food.  Believe it or not, many in congress disagree.  A current example is the “dangerous anti-GMO labeling bill dubbed the ‘DARK Act‘ – Denying Americans the Right to Know Act – (which) has hit a roadblock in the U.S. Senate.”  The Republicans have virtually sold out to Monsanto on this one, so the only hope is “if Democratic Senators stand up to Big Food.”  If it is not stopped, it would be devastating.  “If signed into law, the DARK Act would block all state laws requiring mandatory GMO labeling, prevent the FDA from establishing a national mandatory GMO labeling program, block all state and local efforts to protect rural communities and farmers from the impacts of GMO crops, and prevent claims by food companies that non-GMO foods are better than GMO ones.” Read the short explanation on the link below that was put together by Credo Action, and then please sign the petition.  We need to protect human rights as consumers, not the unlimited rights of fictitious persons (corporations).



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