Got Kids? Time To Think, Speak & Act on Climate Change

Climate Change - Important

Read this:  There are a lot of reasons to think about climate change, maybe take it serious and become active.  One of the ones that really can make it real is when you start to think about what the world will be like in 25 years or so for your children and grand children.  Funny how our kids tend to give us a different perspective on so much in life.  Often the “me stuff” gets pushed somewhere in the “not so important” file.  The article in the link below from The Nation Magazine, by Frida Berrigan gives a good rendition of a parent making that mental journey.  Ms. Berrigan says, “They say: enjoy your kids while they’re young; pretty soon they’ll be teenagers. Haha, right? Actually, I’m excited about each stage of my kids’ lives, but Madeline won’t be a teenager until 2027. According to climate scientists and environmentalists, that may already be ‘past the point of no return.’ If warming continues without a major shift, there will be no refreezing those melting ice shelves, no holding back the rising seas, no scrubbing smog-clogged air, no button we can press to bring water back to parched landscapes.”  Read her article and then find a way to get involved on a regular basis so you can feel you did something.  Do it for your kids and grand kids.


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