New New Deal

Read this:  The article in the link below is from The Nation Magazine, by James M. Larkin and Zach Goldhammer.  It asks, is “our economy broken” and could New Deal like changes (a New New Deal) help to turn things around?  It takes you to “the third of three installments in a podcast series on American work produced in partnership with Open Source with Christopher Lydon, a weekly program on WBUR.”

The 3 part radio podcasts are titled (links to Parts 1 & 2 can be found in Editors Notes within the third part on the link below.):

  1. Fate of the Union,
  2. What’s Working: 2 – 9 to 5 in 2015,
  3. What’s Working: A New New Deal

Read and listen to this 3rd part and if it catches you, go back to parts 1 & 2 and do the whole series.  They are a great combination to listen too and make you think a little deeper about the scope of the problem we are in and some possible steps we could take to make the middle class less of a dying thing.


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