Noam Chomsky: The Greatest Threat To World Peace Is The U.S.

Noam Chomsky

Watch this:  AMY GOODMAN of Democracy Now devotes an hour with MIT professor, author, activist, political dissident, Noam Chomsky where he spoke to a packed audience at The New School here in New York City.  As usual, Chomsky directly confronts the image of the U.S. that is so well orchestrated to ensure the our consensus that what the U.S. does is always right and just.  Instead, this speech explains “why he believes the U.S. poses the greatest threat to world peace” and later he ” also explained why he believes the U.S. and its closest allies, namely Saudi Arabia and Israel, are undermining prospects for peace in the Middle East.”  These are drastic deviations from the consensus provided by our government and national media and accordingly will shock the core of most Americans.  Nonetheless, his arguments point to facts and the particular way those fact are conveyed, that we all need to hear.  Maybe his different voice will open our eyes to the fact that we are a country controlled by people and organizations that don’t necessarily have ours’, much less the worlds’ best interests at heart.  Rather than my further recapping his speech, please click on the link below and listen to Mr. Chomsky.  If you are like me, you will want to hear more of what he has to say.  And, we will all be better off for the time spent.


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