Climate Change Deniers Living In Dark Ages

CA Snowpack 2012-2015

Read this:  The Mother Jones article in the link below, by Luke Whelan cites recent studies showing that “the Sierra Nevada mountain range’s snow pack levels this year are the lowest they’ve been for 500 years. That’s right, since roughly the year 1500.”  This fact leads me to assume that the many Climate Change deniers are logically still living in the Dark Ages.  True or not, as Whelan says, “this is bad news for Californians: Snowfall in the mountains can account for as much as one-third of the state’s water supply during a normal year.”  This is just another small piece of evidence supporting that fact that Climate Change is real and it is here now.  Yes, rain and snowfall vary greatly but as this study shows the last time it was this bad was around 1500.  The sun supposedly revolved around the earth and we burned people at the stake for witchcraft.  We have learned a lot since then, but right or wrong, we still cling to convenient rhetoric for political and short term economic purposes.  Being wrong about whether the sun revolves around the earth or the earth around the sun is pretty trivial argument compared to having government and world leaders today who don’t believe in the science of Climate Change.  Maybe it is time we (voters) all started applying a whole lot of pressure on our supposed leaders to act on our behalf and act now.



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