U.S. CEOs Love ($$$) An Ignorant Citizen

Read this:  The ability to continually expand inequality in the U.S., or anywhere, is really a form of theft, “redistribution theft”.  Like a ponzi scheme, in order for it to work, the party giving up something (usually money) must lack the knowledge or intelligence to make a different decision.  CEO pay, worldwide, is a glaring example of the inequality problem and most Americans are far more ignorant than other citizens around the world.  The Daily KOS article in the link below, by Laura Clawson sites “A new study from Harvard Business School finds that:

  • Americans believe that CEOs make 30 times as much as unskilled workers.
  • By contrast, Americans believe that CEOs should only make seven times as much as unskilled workers.
  • In reality, CEOs make far, far more: 354 times as much in 2012, by some measures.

The American public is not even close.  That same study finds the “gap between Americans’ perception and reality is the most among any of the 16 countries for which the researchers measured both the perceived and actual pay inequality.”  It is hard to fix a problem if you don’t know it even exists. Americans need to wake up and our media needs to tell the story, over and over.  Instead, the media has become an accomplice to this “redistribution theft” by their lack of coverage.



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