“Homosexuality Is An Abomination”, Selective Use Of The Bible

The West Wing character Dr. Jenna Jacobs

Watch or read:  One of my favorite old shows, The West Wing, abounded with great writing, on very real issues, that we sometimes still face today.  The Daily KOS article below, by Jen Hayden, beautifully demonstrates an answer, more like a counter, to religious arguments focusing on the Bible and calling homosexuality an abomination.  By demonstrating the selective use of the Bible to support some historical issues / practices and not others, it becomes crystal clear that things are just not that simple.   After fictitious President Bartlett delivers his counter, everyone is left speechless and the room is silent. You can’t help but feel well done Mr. President.  Too bad it is not always this easy, but if we arm ourselves with a little more knowledge maybe we can help to silence more of these feeble arguments.


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