Climate Change, An End and A Beginning

Read this:  As we deal with the facts that Climate Change is real, humans have largely caused it and it will be quite devastating, a question that we never really get to slowly seeps into our consciousness.  That question is “What Will the World Look Like After Climate Change”?  We have heard many general comments, but we seldom get into the details.  As humans continue to destroy the world as we know it, a new one is beginning to evolve.  Maybe we should look a little deeper and then, possibly, we might actually take some actions, late though they would be.  The “Mother Jones” article, by Lizzie Wade, in the link below, looks at many of these changes in more detail.  It focuses on three areas of change: “A Warmer Forest”, “An Acidic Ocean” and “A New Pecking Order”.   The article summarizes saying, “Climate change will be the end of the world as we know it. But it also will be the beginning of another.”  Take a look and absorb the real consequences of inaction.  Lastly, become active.



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