Bernie Sanders Explains Inequality Starting With Greece

Cartoon by David Simonds. Angela Merkel's hard line on debt threatens the euro project.

Watch this:  In a recent episode of Democracy Now, Amy Goodman shared a video where Bernie Sanders gives one of the best explanations of the supposed “need for austerity” in Greece I have come upon.  He beautifully details the fabrication of this crisis by the wealthy and powerful 1% (including Goldman Sachs) and how this basic plan is spreading globally (Puerto Rico and elsewhere), largely unchecked.  As is so common, those in power attempt to increase privatization and gain control of every valuable Greek asset they can find, eventually leaving Greece totally unable to meet any of its’ obligations and with no assets, only insurmountable debts.  They propose “an increase in the regressive VAT tax from 13 percent to 23 percent; automatic budget cuts if the Greek economy under performs; privatization of state assets, including the electricity grid; deregulation of the transportation, rail, pharmaceutical and other sectors in the economy; weakening of trade unions. In other words, the people of Greece are being told that their voices, which they cast in two elections, really do not matter, that their misery does not matter, that an entire generation of young people who are unemployed or underemployed does not matter, that the sick and the elderly do not matter, that democracy itself does not matter.”  As Bernie continues he calls for an awakening, maybe a revolution, in every part of the human experience from economics to the environment and more.  Please watch this approximately 13 minute video.  It will be time well spent.







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