Drilling In The Artic? Obama, You’re Better Than That

Obama Stop Shell

Sign the petition:  According to the Guardian “Scientists have made it clear: 100% of Arctic oil must stay in the ground if we want to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.”  Yet Obama is all over the place on the environment, particularly regarding the Arctic.  Last week he “ignored their warnings and approved Arctic drilling. But now he’s pushing the boundaries of denial even further – by heading to Alaska on Monday to talk about the urgency of climate change.”  Obama has often led us to believe he really believes the dangers implied by Climate Change and he sometimes seems on the right side.  As this petition summarizes so beautifully, “Climate Leaders Don’t Drill the Arctic. Talking about the urgency of climate change while allowing massive fossil fuel extraction isn’t leadership, it’s hypocrisy. Science says we must not burn 80% of known fossil fuel reserves, including all Arctic oil. President Obama, to lead on climate, you must Keep It In The Ground.”  Sign the petition to urge him down the right path.




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