Bernie vs Hillary Is Really About Whether Dems Recognize Their Left At All

Bernie & Hillary

Read this:  This article from The Huffington Post, by H. A. Goodman examines the growing battle within the Democratic supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  This battle is definitely heating up, particularly as Bernie is gaining significantly in the polls.  Goodman does a good job of examining the reactions of Clinton supporters to the Sanders campaign and their use of defensive cries that the Sanders campaign is hurting the Democratic possibilities and sounds “like a Republican”.   My take on all of this is a bit different.  Although Bernie’s popularity definitely hurts Clinton’s campaign, I believe his gains are much more of a symptom of the thirst for a real progressive / socialistic / eqality platform by many Democrats / Americans.  The Republican party has moved so far right that it is not even in this conversation, but the dilemma for Democrats is that, since Reagan, its’ party has also been slowly moving to the right, playing safe politics and taking its’ left almost completely for granted.  The  Sanders campaign has finally provided a full-blooded progressive / socialist platform centered on inequality and the middle class.  And fortunately for his followers, he looks to have a very legitimate chance.  This possibility of success has caused many Democrats to throw their hats in Bernie’s  camp and Hillary’s team doesn’t quite know what to do.  Read more from Goodman’s article to understand the Bernie vs Hillary battle lines.


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