Methane, CO2s’ Deadly Big Bother Has Been Unleashed


Read this:  Methane emissions, which are far worse than CO2, are rapidly spreading.  The article below from The Daily KOS, by rktect is an example of science that is not covered by the major media.  I often ask why, but the title “Don’t read this if you don’t want to know how bad it is” and the content of this article, disturbingly answers that question.  Yes, this article tells a very disturbing story.  “Methane Hydrate releases in the arctic as warned of by Sam Carana are now reported by NOAA to be 150 miles across. You will remember that even slight releases of methane in the arctic were enough to cause polar researchers like Jason Box to freak out a little over a year ago.”  You might be thinking that since you haven’t heard of this it can’t be that critical.  Think again!  “Methane is orders of magnitude worse than CO2 and its being released in 50 Gigaton bursts farts that by themselves can cause an instant 1.3° C global temperature rise.”  As the article repeatedly suggests, any reporting of this has been “Trumped” by, let’s just say more exciting news.  Those of us who have followed’s premise that the world target should be to allow the global temperature to increase no more than 2 degrees C have to be greatly concerned about this newly reported event.  “Now we have El Nino acting like a blowtorch raising the temperature of the whole Pacific Ocean 4-8 ° C and directing its focus towards the (US) west coast.”  How will this affect overall global temperatures?  It can’t be good!  Read more in the article below and keep your eyes out for additional news (you will have to search for it since our national media will probably not cover it) on Methane problems related to Climate Change.

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