Richard Wolfe On The Solution To Capitalism

Watch this and think:  In this video economist Richard Wolfe discusses his very different look at capitalism – a socialistic perspective.  The video was produced in 2012, five years after the crash of 2007.  He suggests we must look at bold changes, if we are to actually help the majority.  He, along with “millions, see(s) a capitalist system no longer serving most Americans.”  He rejects the Adam Smith premise that if everyone takes care of himself and works hard we will all rise.  Interestingly, that theory has only worked for the very few.  Wolfe insists that “the system of rules we are all playing by is the problem and that system must change.” I agree with Wolfe that our infatuation with capitalism has run its’ course and it is time for bold, substantial change.  Watch the video and consider something different.



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