Clarifying the Message – John Stewart’s Real Legacy

John Stewart

Read this:  This article from The Washington Post / Opinion by Katrina Vanden Heuvel (of The Nation Magazine) takes us through John Stewart’s evolution and Ms. Vanden Heuvel’s analysis of his true effect on us all.  She opens in 2002 as a guest on “The Daily Show” where “Stewart still thought of himself as an impartial observer … saying … Join us in the center … That’s my movement.”  Effectively summarizing her own article she says “it wouldn’t be long before Stewart, whose 16-year run on ‘The Daily Show’ comes to an end next week, became one of the most important and influential voices on the progressive left — an improbable icon who cut through right-wing talking points with satire while making progressive ideas sound like common sense.”  Using the tools of comedy beautifully Stewart “mocked the media’s coverage”, often made us “rethink a strategy that is less military-based”, “questioned the logic” unanimously fed to us by the corporate media (both domestic and foreign policies) being discussed.  After interviews with Elizabeth Warren discussing the causes of our financial fiascoes he says “that was like financial chicken soup for me … that actually put things in perspective and made a little sense.”  He emphasized that it is OK to learn new things and maybe change ones’ mind.  He was a devoted critic of the media in general who “pleaded for a better discourse, famously castigating the hosts of CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ for, in his words, ‘hurting America.’ And perhaps nobody on television did more than Stewart to define Fox News as the reliably partisan outlet that most people know it as today.”  He helped provide a training platform for many other up and coming talents that we will continue to see.  That influence will continue to help us filter out the crap and I’ll wager, we will find ourselves thinking; “that sounds like the old “Daily Show with John Stewart”.  Remember that?



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