Audio & Video  Check out the site:  There are a lot of really well done and original web sites that deserve a look from us all.  YouTube, Ted Talks and many more give you a chance to watch some pretty cool inspirational videos.  A friend of mine introduced me off to something a little different called Story Corp.  This site trys to find real stories, from real people, told in their own words.  They tell of something particularly challenging or inspirational that happened in their life.  These stories are then converted into audio stories that can be heard as podcasts and recently they have begun to convert some of them into short animated videos.  A few are somewhat political in nature so I mention the site here.  However, most are not.  From the link below you can listen (podcast) or view an animation.  There is even a Story Corps App available.  They are short and worth a look, maybe a quick pick-me-up.  You can even submit your own story that might get picked up for sharing.



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