Killing Environmental Actions Via Spending Bill Riders

Congress - Bill Killer

Sign the petition:  One of the most disgusting tools used by our congressional representatives is the policy rider that seeks to undo or block an unrelated bill by tying it to another popular bill, often a spending bill needed for some part of government to simply continue.  This is a favorite of the most cynical members of congress.  Environmental policy bills are a very popular target for this exact purpose.  Recently “the Senate Appropriations Committee has voted out the FY2016 environmental spending bill, S.1645—and it’s riddled with anti-environmental policy riders that seek to undo or block protections for clean air, clean water and wildlife. The Senate has not yet scheduled a date for floor votes on the bill.”  This article and petition by EARTHJUSTICE identifies many specific “draconian cuts to the budgets of the EPA and other agencies that the FY2016 environmental spending bill contains”.  Read and then please sign the petition asking “your senator to vote NO on the FY2016 environmental spending bill and keep anti-environmental riders out of budget and spending bills.”;jsessionid=4F9C47AFF248F901D81E5D90D5F3F9F2.app338b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1739&utm_source=crm&utm_content=Droughttitle


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