Helping Bees – Step 2, True Value and Ace Hardware

 Bees taking us with them  Sign the petition:  In case you haven’t read posts concerning bees, here’s a recap recently put out by Kaytee Ray-Riek of  “Its just not bees — evidence is mounting that butterflies, moths, and birds are all affected by neonics. Without pollinators like bees and butterflies, many of our most important crops simply can’t grow, putting our food supply in danger.”  Progress has been made with Lowes and Home Depot.  Now the focus is on True Value and Ace Hardware chains.  As Kaytee says, “In spite of the overwhelming evidence that neonics are killing the bees, major corporations from Bayer to Syngenta continue to manufacture and sell them. Why? Because for these companies, profits trump saving our environment and food supply.”  This petition focuses on getting the retailers to stop selling these products.



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