Corporate Congress Targeting Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Again

 Corporate States of America  Read this:  Beware of our corporate congress.  They never stop trying to protect us (their corporate citizens).  Their methods are diverse and creative but essentially they always come down to “stop anything and everything that might hinder corporate short term profits or support the social good”.  Do not bend, no matter the environmental, health, safety, social or ethical consequences.  In this article from Citizen Vox by Angela Bradbery gives a classic / scary example for 2015.  “Before going into August recess – possibly even next week – the House will vote on the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act (S. 226 and H.R. 427). This bad bill would require all new economically significant regulations – in other words, the big-ticket public protections that provide the most health, safety, environmental and economic benefits – to be approved by both chambers of Congress before taking effect.”  Wow, that would essentially make, almost every governmental regulatory agency subject to approval of both houses of congress before doing their job.  “In effect, the reigning dysfunction in Congress would endanger any important new regulation, no matter how uncontroversial it might be.”  Read the entire article for a better understanding of this very, very bad bill.  Additionally, watch and make sure to vote against any member of our Corporate Congress who supports this bill.



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