19 Democrats Voted to Weaken Environmental Oversight of the Nation’s Forests

 Environment - Protecting  Read this:  This article from the Daily KOS, by a group called “Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees”, identifies 19 Democrats who voted to weaken environmental oversight of our nation’s forests.  Recently “the House moved forward with another anti-environment bill: the so-called Resilient Federal Forests Act.”  This bill (H.R. 2647):

  • modifies federal forest management practices to increase timber production
  • could result in timber harvesting with limited environmental review
  • would discourage American citizens from holding their government accountable and ensuring the Nation’s federal forests are protected
  • also requires that 50 percent of Secure Rural Schools Act Title II funding be spent on timber management projects rather than stream and watershed protection or road maintenance as required under current law.
  • Lastly, the White House has issued a SAP stating that the Administration strongly opposes H.R. 2647.

Check to see if your congressional representative is on the list and if so call, write, email and let them know you want them to support the EPA not weaken it.  If needed, don’t support them further.





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