Corporatocracy & Economic Hit Men – Globalization Working Smoothly

 Corporations - Not Democracy  Watch this:  I read the book Confessions of An Economic Hitman by John Perkins several years ago and frequently think I need to incorporate it into a post.  Well today I stumbled onto the video of the same name below while browsing Thom Hartman’s web site so here it is.  After watching the video think about Greece and the other countries in economic crisis where external pressure for increased austerity abound.  I think maybe the Economic Hitmen have been very active.  Sadly we have all been and continue to be very oblivious.Many say the United States has become or at least acts like an empire throughout the world.  Ridiculous, we have no emperor, but we have allowed corporations (many multi national) to have massive unelected influence over U.S. policies and actions.  This corporatocracy “essentially acts as the emperor and operates under one assumption and that is that they ‘must maximize profits, regardless of the social or economic cost’.”  This is done by the use of “debt, bribery and political overthrow” better known as “globalization”.

The basic plan works as follows:

  • put a country in debt,
  • impose conditionalities or structural adjustment policies
    – currency devaluation,
    – large funding cuts for social programs,
  • privatization of the state owned enterprises,
  • trade liberalization or removing any trade restrictions,
  • creation of unnoticed and inhumane sweatshop factories,
  • environmental destruction becomes perpetual.

The World Bank is a key component in implementing the plan.  “A cursory glance at the record of the World Bank found that it has done nothing but increase poverty and the wealth gap while corporate profits soar.  And the World Bank is essentially a U.S. bank since the U.S. holds veto power as the largest investor (creating money out of thin air).  51 of the worlds top economies are corporations and 47 of those 51 are U.S. based.  A summation at the end says “there is no America, there is no democracy … only corporations … determines by the immutable bylaws of business”.




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