Global Warming / Climate Change – Recent Examples

 Global Warming - Fires  Read this:  Climate Change involves many diverse changes in climate and weather.  One of the more devastating is Global Warming which may have both immediate and long term consequences.  Fires are probably the most dramatic visual example of immediate effects.  Some very impressive photos can make this more real.  The link below from a Daily KOS article by Agathena touches on several current Global Warming examples.   In British Columbia, “This is due to very hot weather and months without rain, in our rain forests. And higher temperatures than ever before, all part of a warming planet. This is an example of what we risk when we do not do ENOUGH to mitigate climate change.”  Other examples include “Rain Forest Fire in Washington”, “Interior Alaska fires”, “West Coast temperatures (Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Dulles, OR).  People are learning to cope in ways never before like “smoke” becoming an important part of the daily weather forecast.




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