Bernie`s Wisconsin Speach – A Progressive Gem

 Bernie Sanders  Watch the video:  Most of us have been taking Bernie Sanders for granted – but it is time to look very seriously.  As a progressive I was glad to see him join the Democratic race because he would bring the conversation to some places it wouldn’t go otherwise.  Like many, I assumed he would just be there for the Democratic primaries and then hopefully Hillary might (much crossing of fingers here) take some of his ideas and run with them.  I was wrong, he is going to be a real player.  Bernie is showing, in event after event, that people want what he is saying.  He is right on target on so many issues it almost feels like fiction (West Wing).  I must say, I’m excited.  Listen to the speech on the link below.  It’s about an hour long, but maybe one of the best hours you will spend preparing for the upcoming 2016 election.  If, like me, you are for Bernie’s progressive policies then you have to support congressional candidates that also have the progressive bug.





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