No-one Blinks As Propaganda Has Officially Become “The News”

 News Propaganda  Read this:  This article from Al Jazeera America by C. Robert Gibson takes a look at one of my pet peeves – Propaganda As News.  Gibson starts with a 1958 warning from journalist Edward R. Murrow that “the new medium was being used to ‘distract, delude, amuse and insulate’ the public.”  Warnings, however, often go unheeded and thus “0n June 8, CNN unveiled ‘Courageous,’ a new production unit and an in-house studio that would be paid by advertisers to produce and broadcast news-like ‘branded content’.”  What they are doing is “funding the network to produce PR segments made to look like news”.  While the public naively accepts “news” as being honest and objective, they must instead be ever more sophisticated critics seeking to see behind the mask of news journalism for substance and facts.  Gibson sums it up as follows: “More than ever before, the American public needs reliable, impartial news outlets that report on the stories of the day honestly and objectively. And while some savvy news consumers may turn to independent, online sources for information that is free from corporate influence, the majority of Americans who work 8 to 10-hour days don’t have the time or energy to seek out these sources.”  Gone are the days when “broadcasters were granted licenses with the understanding that they would operate in the public interest.”  Maybe there should be a warning label flashing at the bottom of the screen saying “Viewer beware, reporting on this show may not reflect actual facts” or some other disclaimer.  How about being very strict about any show with the word “News” in its title along with devastating penalties for breaches.  Read the full article for a better feel for what Mr. Gibson said and watch “news” with caution.



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