Water Loophole in CA for Nestle’s CEO

 Nestle Water - NO  Sign the petition:  This Credo Action article and petition revisit the recently uncovered story about the Nestle Corporation “pumping water out of a national forest in drought-stricken California.”  Nestle uses that water (virtually for free) as the source for it’s bottled water products from the Morongo Reservation in Southern California while Californians experience increasing restrictions on water use and CA aquifers become extremely threatened.  “When questioned in a recent radio interview about whether they would consider halting their water extraction, Nestle CEO Tim Brown stated: ‘Absolutely not. In fact, if I could increase it, I would.'”  As the article suggests, it is time to get tough with Nestle.  “It’s time to ratchet up the spotlight on Nestle itself and show that we won’t stand by while its CEO tries to spin his way out of his company’s inexcusable water profiteering.”  Please sign the petition and if you must buy bottled water, look for a more conscientious company.  Remember, reusable bottles and filtered tap water may actually be cleaner than bottled water and they are definitely cheaper and better on the environment.




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