On Inequality – We All Need to Awaken Our Radical

 Joseph Stiglitz - Inequality  Read and watch the video:  This Daily KOS article by bobswern discusses positions on the economy and inequality discussed by Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz.  It starts by noting that the Hillary Clinton  campaign is “’seeking advice’ from Joseph Stiglitz and the Roosevelt Institute, not to mention the more than 100 other economists and related organizations contacted by her staff, as the candidate formulates her status quo-driven economic policies for her presidential campaign.”  When evaluating candidates positions on inequality Mr. Stiglitz spoke only of the Democratic candidates saying “As far as I know, all three of the announced Democratic candidates — Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton — and…has [Martin] O’Malley announced? They’ve all actually announced that they’re very concerned about the issue. And they have begun to roll out agendas. Bernie Sanders is the most progressive and has been most articulate over a longer period of time, laying out a pro-equality agenda.”  Read more in the article and watch the video to hear what Stiglitz says himself.  It emphasizes that point that “It’s Time to Get Radical on Inequality.”  Support real progressive policies.



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