Help Encourage UPS To Quit ALEC

 ALEC - Corps Leaving  Sign the petition:  ALEC or the American Legislative Exchange Council is not our friend, anything but.  ALEC has been a very secret organization until recently and has two friends, corporations and the very wealthy.  On their behalf ALEC creates and proposes laws to be enacted at the local, state and national levels.  These laws are seldom intended to do anything for consumers, environment or the constitution.  They help ALEC’s friends.  As ALEC has become exposed, pressure has increasingly been put on it’s members to quit ALEC.  “This past year, we’ve successfully pressured Google, Facebook and eBay to stop using their money to fund ALEC. Now it’s time to set our sights on getting the world’s largest package delivery company, UPS, to leave ALEC, too.”  Even is a company does some positive things for consumers, the environment, etc. being a supporting member of ALEC is just not acceptable.  “UPS claims that it’s committed to environmental sustainability. But it’s track record of funding ALEC tells a different story.”  Please put pressure on UPS and sign the petition.



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