Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Under Attack Again


Protect it

 Sign the petition:  Too often progressives / liberals fight hard for something, win and then go on vacation thinking the battle is over.  Not so and we need to always remember that.  Victory is a never ending battle, just look at Roe v. Wade.  The group Americans for Financial Reform has put together a petition needing attention as conservatives move to reverse recent accomplishments by Senator Elizabeth Warren since creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  As the article says, “…Wall Street lobbyists and their friends on Capitol Hill” are going “after the agency conceived by Senator Elizabeth Warren to bring fairness and transparency to the banking and lending markets. Once again, the special interests have made a special target of Washington’s only financial regulator with a mandate to put the interests of consumers first – an agency that over the past 4 years has delivered $5.5 billion in refunds and restitution to consumers cheated in one way or another by financial companies big and small.”  When the powerful lose a battle they don’t panic, they very effectively regroup and try to find another way (often a very deceptive way) to reverse that previous loss and maybe turn it into their kind of victory.  One popular technique is to attach a bill to another very popular, often unrelated bill, effectively daring their peers to vote no on the primary action.  “Not for the first time and not for the last, the enemies of bank regulation are trying to use budget bills and other “must pass” legislation to push fellow lawmakers and the President into accepting measures that would never stand a chance of being signed into law on their own. This bill still has a long and twisty road to travel; to make sure these sneak attacks on Wall Street reform do not succeed, we need all parties to know we’re watching. We need to make our opposition loud and clear.”  Please sign this petition letting everyone know we are watching and there will be consequences.




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