McKibben Gives Obama & Clinton Climate Change Reviews & To Do Lists

 Bill McKibben  Read these:  I don’t know if we are going to have any chance in changing environmental policies in the US then we have to count on the Democrats.  But progress, although mostly in the correct direction, has moved much too slowly.  In the two articles below’s Bill McKibben writes 2 very different letters to President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton.  He focuses on what each has done / not done, and what the climate crisis requires.  Basically he gives them each an environmental review and to do list going forward.  Check these out and consider his points as mandatory policy guidelines for each candidate you support.

Letter to President Barack Obama:  Here Bill describes learning how the process works.  He then gives Obama “credit where credit is due”, goes into some detail as to “why this has not been enough” and finally gives him a “checklist for his final 18 months”.

Letter to Secretary Hillary Clinton:  Here Bill reviews the highlights of what Clinton has done to date, provides “five reasons environmentalists distrust her”, lists “seven ways she could win some green stripes” and finishes by identifying “How she could really shift the climate tide”





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