Starving The Beast

 Budget Cuts  Read this:  This older Daily KOS article by RETIII takes a look at the “real” problem concerning the US budget.  A policy that really came to life during the Reagan presidency.  The “prime reason why we have a budget deficit problem in this country is because Republicans almost universally believe in a nonsensical idea called starve the beast.”  The author describes his frustration when writing about the deficit that often forces him to “stop because none of it makes any sense whatsoever if you don’t acknowledge and discuss the larger Republican plan to ‘Starve the Beast’.”  The primary tool, cutting taxes – inevitably starves the beast.  But “let’s be clear, ‘Starve the Beast’ is not about cutting government spending; it is about starving government spending for social programs that Republicans don’t like.”  This policy has almost taken on a life of it’s own, but be assured, the conservative right and specifically the 1%, actively push this rigid agenda and “while it originally focused on tax cutting as a tool, it has mutated to the larger ‘hostage crisis’,” being used on almost any conservative issue.  The article concludes asking “if this was the Republicans’ openly acknowledged view, and it worked, so be it. But why the hell is it not reported, and why aren’t Republicans forced to defend it?”  Read more and observe as this policy is continually applied in our various levels of government, remembering that while we are “starving the beast”, that money is going somewhere else.




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