Guns, Guns, Everywhere a Gun

 Guns  Read, watch & cry:  I recently attended a meeting discussing violence and gun control in the US.  There were speakers representing several of the recent shootings across the US.  A father who lost his daughter at the UC Santa Barbara tragedy, speakers touched by the Arora incident in Colorado, representatives from the Brady organization, etc..  Unbelievable stories and the statistics on gun violence in the US were staggering.  I have consistently supported increased regulations on the use of guns and this meeting made me realize we all need to do more.  For some reason, I left with the overall thought that we are making progress, although very slowly.  The article below in The Daily KOS by Leslie Salzillo is just dumbfounding.  It shows I / we have no idea how massive and bizarre the push to spread guns everywhere in the US really is.  Satirically and yet sadly and truthfully, Michael Moore shows a bank in Michigan that gives you a free gun (many to choose from) if you open up a new CD account.  NO, you might be thinking.  Sure enough, Michael opens an account and walks out with a gun.  What could go wrong, it’s America?  Further emphasizing the mentality of the gun enthusiast is Michael’s previous video “Bowling for Columbine” that opens with Charelton Heston’s famous 5 word quote “From My Cold Dead Hands”.  I guess all of the other dead hands don’t seem to matter much.  If this moves you, stop thinking about it.  Find a anti-gun violence organization and get active.



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