The Art of the Climate Change Message

 Climate Change Art  Check this out:  I often wonder how to get people to pay attention to important issues and maybe even get involved in them.  Accordingly, Climate Change is at the very top of my list of critical issues and I am dumbfounded by the level of apparent apathy on this topic.  So what to do?  Sometimes a totally different tactic might be an answer, for some people at least.  I stumbled on the attached article from The Daily KOS by David Harris Gershon and thought, wow this is really cool.  As I thought longer, it occurred to me that this might just click for some people and make the whole issue become a little more real.  As Mr. Gershon says in the article, this is “a perfect metaphor for climate change inaction: from afar, it’s easy to ignore and dismiss, but zoom in and the crisis is clear.”.  If there is anything the story of Climate Change needs it is to make it “real”, “now” and “urgent” for more people.  Art that we usually never hear about and then discover can totally amaze us.




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