Stop the Sneak Attack on Net Neutrality.

 Internet Open  Sign the petition:  The Net Neutrality issue dropped off of our radar for a time but that doesn’t mean the issue is over.  Just the opposite.  Opponents have been waiting for the best time to slip in a change when no one is looking.  Rather than be up front and deal with the issue directly they have chosen to tie the change to an unrelated bill and hope it is overlooked or the bill is more important than the Net Neutrality issue to enough members of congress to accomplish the desired effect.  That isn’t right.  “You fought the cable companies and you won. But now Congress has launched another nasty sneak attack on Net Neutrality — just as the FCC’s historic rules are set to go into effect this Friday.  Here’s the deal: A key House subcommittee just passed an appropriations bill that would kill the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules. And unlike other threats that have emerged in Congress, this is particularly troubling because it’s hidden deep inside a big funding package that the House needs to move so the government can continue operating.”  This is nothing but another flagrant method to backdoor unpopular and wrong legislation.  “This bill is bad news. It would strip funding from the FCC to prevent enforcement of the Net Neutrality rules as written, and it would delay the rules until after the pending court cases have been decided. This is a devious way for cable and phone companies to get the same delays they’re seeking in court without even waiting for the court to make that call.”These companies know how to work the system, but always to their advantage.  “Government’s not supposed to work like this. Instead of listening to the will of the people, and letting the FCC use the good laws already on the books, anti-Net Neutrality members of Congress are helping the phone and cable companies that fund their campaigns. And worse, they’re trying to push this through inside a huge funding bill, hoping no one will notice.





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