When 100 Year Old Case Law Should Be Abandoned

 US Territories Rights  Read this and become angry:  There are many stories about things the US Government does in our name that make you, let’s say, not very proud.  Sometimes you can somewhat understand the logic behind it, but other times you just find yourself saying, REALLY.  Our treatment of people in island territories such as American Samoa and Puerto Rico, is unbelievable.  For that matter why isn’t DC a new state or part of one of the existing states.  In all of these stories the people who live in these areas have various marginalized rights as US citizens and sometimes not even that.  The article in the link below, from Mother Jones Magazine By Pema Levy tells the story of American Samoans being denied “Birthright Citizenship” as the Federal Appeals Courts continue to reference “Racist Caselaw” that originated in the early 20th century.  One judge in that decision “refers to the inhabitants of the new territories as ‘savage’ and ‘alien races’,” while another judge stated “that granting citizenship to an ‘uncivilized race’ in a new territory would ‘inflict grave detriment on the United States ‘”.  This is only the way we officially perceive American Samoa, who knows how we feel about other territories.  After reading this article I bet you will be brimming with pride.  Everything our government does is not always good and we need to remember that and speak out for change.


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