What Really Makes Meat Eaters Tick

 Meat Eaters - Proteim  Read this:  As a vegetarian, I often wonder why do so many people who seem to care about rampant use of antibotics, cruelty to animals and the effect of the meat industry on the environment still unblushingly defend their love of eating meat.  The article below from Mother Jones Magazine, By Gabrielle Canon takes a quick look at this seeming dichotomy in the minds of somewhat liberal meat eaters.  What makes them tick, and what are the most common justifications, the “four Ns” for their dietary decisions.  “Though researchers found that ‘necessary’ and ‘nice’ were the most strongly voiced defenses and might be most difficult to overturn, Americans are eating much less meat than they used to, and cultural movements like Meatless Monday have made it clear that people can at least be convinced to cut back.”



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