Will Our Future Kids Really Have To Read About Fossil Fuels In Books?

 G7 Summit 2015  Read this:  Wow, good news on climate change.  Mother Jones Magazine just reported that the G7 countries have come to a consensus on climate yesterday (06-08-15).  Of course we can’t count on what that means or what kind of teeth are part of this agreement but it is definitely a bold start.  “Environmental groups praised the G7 announcement, which they had worried would be derailed by dissent from Japan and Canada.”

Some of the bold points:

  1. “The global economy must be completely fossil fuel–free by the end of the century.” (that’s 2100),
  2. “The decisions made by the G7 today indicated an acknowledgement that there needs to be a phase-out of climate-killing coal and oil by 2050 at the latest,”
  3. Sierra Club said this is “the first time that the leaders of the world have made clear with one voice that we must get off fossil fuels completely.”

My take on these goals?  They sound reasonable but based on our past ability to meet timetables of any consequence, we should take 20% off these end dates making it “fossil fuel–free by 2080” and “phasing-out of climate-killing coal and oil by 2030” respectively.






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