Really BLM – COAL National Park?

 Coal - Powder River Basin  Read this:  It is so hard to tell where Obama is on climate change.  He almost never makes a bold move and the problem is when talking about climate change, what we need is bold.  In the articled, on the link below, from The Sierra Club, Mary Anne Hitt exposes another gaping hole in any kind of energy policy by the Obama administration.  “The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has just made an under-the-radar decision that threatens to set back U.S. progress on clean energy and climate change.”  Renewable energy costs are dropping fast and we have made some good progress in the area of coal reduction.  But, if this BLM decision becomes reality we can kiss that all good bye.  I don’t know what control Obama has over BLM decisions but if he doesn’t actively battle this then his record on the environment deserves a very low score indeed.  Ms. Hitt summarizes it this way: “To put this in perspective, BLM’s plan could add up to 16.9 billion metric tons of carbon pollution to the atmosphere — the equivalent of 19 times the carbon pollution generated by all U.S. passenger cars in a year.”Please watch what happens on this front and be active and give Obama an earful.




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