New Climate Movement in Canada To Safeguard the Earth

 Global Warming Read this and watch the video:  This article from The Nation Magazine by Naomi Klein explores some of the changes in the Canadian “Climate Movement”.  It is really an edited version of a speech Naomi “gave on May 21 in downtown Toronto”.  A “video of Klein’s full speech is also included” and worth watching.  She talks about the diverse groups in Canada that are coming together.  Groups often at odds but though they “have key differences . . . they also understand that what unites them is greater.”  As one of the leading advocates campaigning against the seemingly unstoppable moves toward “extreme extraction”, well chronicled in her recent book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate”.  Her article lists many reasons why “We Are Tired . . .”.  Arguments demanding action.  Also a board member of, Naomi says “That’s why you see the slogan here on these panels for the July 5 march: Jobs, Justice, Climate Action. We don’t just want off this roller coaster. We’re ready for the next economy. And we know the leadership isn’t going to come from the political class, so it’s going to have to come from below.”





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